Passing on health through the generations

PreConception Preparation

What is PreConception Preparation?

Preconception Preparation is an important step towards building a healthier future.

It is effective in increasing fertility… YAY!!

It improves health during pregnancy and sets your baby up for better beginnings. It is the key to getting your next generation off to a healthy start in life; it is essential for passing on health through the generations.

This site is dedicated to you, the parents of future generations. It will help you explore and understand all that contributes to reproductive health, male fertility, female fertility, conception and growing healthy babies. Here, I’ll bring you the latest resources, up to date research, and walk with you through the challenges as you prepare for conception. First I have a key piece of information to share with you, it is the reason preconception preparation is important for you and your children and future generations…

When you are pregnant with a baby girl, the eggs of the following generation are beginning to form. Just seven weeks after conception these oocytes start to develop! So possibly before you know you’re pregnant, and well before you know if you’re having a daughter, a wee girl in the womb is carrying the promise of your grandchildren. That’s three generations right there!

This can be a bit overwhelming to take in at first. It means that preconception preparation reaches through three generations starting with you… mum and dad, the two people who made that baby girl.

What you do today has far reaching effects. In today’s world we are seeing an increasing incidence of infertility, degenerative diseases, allergies, autoimmunity, anxiety, developmental disorders….a growing and seemingly endless list that is multiplying through the generations. It’s time to turn that around, starting with the intentional actions of preconception preparation.

Preconception Preparation gives hope for healthy conception, healthy pregnancies, healthy children and health to be passed on through the generations.

Preconception Preparation not only brings hope but it is the tools and actions that you can use to make that hope a reality.

Start your preconception Preparation